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EPK Camera Ops and DPs:  All Things Behind-the-Scenes.

Behind-the-Scenes with Nicholas Sparks on "The Choice"

From Oscar-winning films to gritty indies, we've covered it all.


An E.P.K. (Electronic Press Kit) encompasses anything and everything Behind-the-Scenes: "Making of", "Inside the Episode", bonus material special features, commercials, promos, social media assets, Youtube featurettes, and much more.


We understand set etiquette. We know how to work with cast, producers, publicists, and crew. We bring our own light and sound equipment, and our cameras are state of the art. We offer a professional, reliable service intended to make your life easier.


Whether you are producing the next big-budget Hollywood Blockbuster or an independent film with a modest budget, EPK Films has a solution for you.

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